12 Fascinating Photos Showing How Media Can Manipulate The Truth!


There are a lot of examples of how media can use different techniques of deception and trick people into seeing exactly what they wanted to people see. When you see these photos, you will see that perspective is obviously everything!

1. This photo was taken when Kate Middleton and Prince William had their third baby

2. Hillary Rally in Omaha.

3. U.S marines help an Iraqi soldier by giving him water from a canteen.

4. People in Paris having a Tax Protest.

5. Soldier playing with some kids.

6. Inauguration of Donald Trump.

7. A TV news station.

8. This was never real but become a meme.

9. An example of media deception!

10. Lady Theresa launches her campaign.

11. A staged photo of conflict between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian youths.

12. Hillary Clinton event in Ohio.

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