12 Delicious Coffee Alternatives That Will Make Your Heart Melt!


How are you taking your coffee? If your answer is always "with milk,"  we have some suggestions below to change your routine!

Source: http://diply.com

1. Adding ice cream to your coffee sounds good in the hot days of summer!


Prepare a cup of cold coffee and add one scoop of your favorite flavor. You won't regret it!

2. Have you ever considered adding butter to your coffee?


Sound weird? Give butter a chance! It changes the taste and aroma significantly!

Recipe: Blend 1 c hot coffee with 1 Tbsp unsalted grass-fed butter and 1 Tbsp coconut oil for 10 seconds.

3. This is not your ordinary coffee with milk!


Prepare the coffee and pour into into an ice tray. Take a warm glass of milk and put 2-3 coffee cubes in it! You should try this on your own!

4. This is the best caffeinated solution for the summer days.

Mix coffee with the desired amount of sugar and cream. Pour the mixture into ice cream mold and you're good to go!

Recipe here!

5. Why don't you try your ice coffee with some tropical flavor next time?

All you need is some coconut! Bake the coconuts on a pan. Prepare your coffee and add up some coconut flavor to it. Wet the lid of your cup and dip it into the baked coconuts. Bon appetite!

6. Who wouldn't like to try a cake-flavored coffee?


We're talking about Irish Cream here!

Recipe here!

7. Let's make a cooler cup of coffee!


What happens when tonic water gets together with coffee? If you have no idea, it's time to find out! Mix equal amount of coffee with tonic water. Say goodbye to your favorite soda, as this will be your new favorite!

8. What about some coffee candy?

This will be your go to candy for your next coffee session!

Recipe here!

9. People in Vietnam love to have their coffee with a protein boost!


It's common in Vietnam to make coffee with eggs. Sounds Interesting, right?

Recipe here!

10. Chocolate and coffee are BFFs!


These sweet chocolate balls are filled with coffee. This one is ideal for those who would like to enjoy chocolate and coffee at the same time!

Recipe here!

11. Coffee macarons😍

Definitely worth trying!!

Recipe here!

12. On a diet? No problem, coffee has your back!

This chia pudding is ideal for those who eat mindfully!

Recipe here!

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