11 Touching Final Moments Between Pets And Their Owners Make You Cry Your Heart Out!


A photographer captured the last moments of animals. These photos show families and animals together for the last time and they are really heartbreaking.

Ross Taylor is an assistant professor at the University of Colorado, and spent 20 years as a photojournalist.

Ross's last series "Last Moments", which took a lot of photos during this time, is about pets.  

Its aim is to show that animals are not alone and to remind everyone how special and emotional the last moments they spend with human friends.

1. Leigh Zahn kisses his dog Spencer before he dies.

2. Marquita Leibe and his wife Donald crying next to their dog, Daisy, after being asleep.

3. Juliet Rubio stretches over to her dog Dingo

And "I'll see you soon, don't worry." she says.

4. Kiara Manrique and his dog Sparky.

5. Darcy Jones and her dog Alli are having their final moments after he is not responding to cancer treatments.

6. Jennifer Hoch kisses her cat Shadow and says that she doesn't feel well.

7. Wendy Lehr cries when she embraces Mimosa for the last time. Her husband Rich is trying to comfort her.

8. After their dog Spartan died, David Thompson said "What will I do now?"

9. Olesya Lykovi asks to vet "Is he gone?"

10. Ally looks at her doctor a few minutes before she's been euthanized.

11. "He was always my best friend." says Rebecca Cassity.

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