11 Signs Showing We Are Devoted Citizens Of The Consumer Society


For years, we kept hearing consumerism, consumer society, niche markets bla bla and how we became a total consumer society. Are we really? Are you? Are you a consumer? Have you totally surrendered to this consuming madness that consumes us? Let’s see the signs.

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/tuketim-toplumun...

1. Buying stuff you actually don’t need just because they are on sale

2. All your weekends consist of going to the malls and hanging out in the stores lately

3. Thinking “If it’s expensive, it’s probably better.”

4. Jumping on the hype trains after the commercials.

5. The first activity to come to your mind when bored is shopping.

6. The need to get rid of an old model when the new one comes out.

It’s only been 5 months!

7. Buying millions of the same product because it’s on ‘promotion’.

Why 5 toothpastes, why? Because it’s buy 5 get 1 for free… Oh you are so smart!

8. “I didn’t spend any money, I bought it with my credit card.” Weeee

Especially shopping online.

9. Paying 50p to get a bigger one, paying 50p more to buy a mega big and 50p more to ultra super duper big!

Pay a dollar more and you get the store!

10. Buying so much of something only because it’s cheaper.

Why buy a gallon of sunflower oil? Because a gallon is cheaper in the long run. But WHY?!

11. Neverending needs

You do get that urge to buy 15 of something just to get that 1 free right? Yeah you do…

Bonus: Spend, spend it all, spend the shit out of it. Literally…

The artist here tried to express the overcoming need to take a dump on a system like this...

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