10 Misunderstandings About Sex Some People Still Have!


How well is your sex game? Do you think you have what is takes to have a fun and pleasurable night with your partner? Chances are you might fall into some common misconceptions about sex. We suggest you to check out these common misunderstandings about sex, so that you'll have more fun next time!

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1. Having lots of sex or multiple partners will not loosen vaginal muscles. Don't forget that vaginas are designed to oust babies. It's not easy to mess them out.

2. Reminder: Most women don't reach orgasms from penetration alone.

We're sorry to mention that the ones who claim to do so are liars.

What they need: Clitoral stimulation

3. Oral sex is still sex at the end of the day.

It is possible to catch STD's from having oral sex so be careful.

4. Don't underestimate the power of using condoms.

Condoms are the ONLY contraceptives that can prevent pregnancy and STDs.

5. Anal sex doesn't necessarily make you incontinent.

However, it is still a good idea to start off in the shower for good form.

6. The definition of good and bad is relative.

Good sex is all about communicating with the partner. Don't forget that it varies from person to person. Focus on learning the body language and non-verbal clues.

7. Sex is not like pizza.

Bad sex is not better than no sex at all. Try to make the best out of your sexual experience at all costs. This means focusing on getting off yourself and your partner at the same time.

8. It's totally okay not wanting to have sex.

This applies for everyone. Men don't necessarily think about sex more than women does.

9. Pulling out technique doesn't prevent pregnancy.

Pre-ejaculated sperm can swim upstream in the vagina and live up in there to 7 days.

10. Size doesn't matter.

Okay, it does matter. However, a great display of enthusiasm can outweigh any shortcomings with length and width.

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