You Will Be Surprised When You See These 14 Things That Just Look Like Nicolas Cage!

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Apparently there's a lot of things look like Nicolas Cage. Here are 14 of them...


1. Is it possible that a person looks like a lawn ornament. I guess it is.

2. Portrait of an anarchist writer called Emma Goldman also looks like Nicolas Cage.

3. Cage-holder or Holderolas Cage ?

4. Both an artificial cat...

5. ...And a real one look like Nicolas Cage.

6. The Curious Case of Nicolas Cage.

7. St. Nicolas Cage

8. Jackolas Cage.

9. Chicago Cubs bubblehead really resembles Nicolas Cage.

10. Apparently, Nicolas Cage reincarnated.

11. Hey Nic, whatcha doin' in a textbook?

12. Carving up the old Nic Cage is the new black.

13. Same right?

14. So does the every person in this painting.

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