You Might Be Highly Intelligent If You Like Being Alone More Than Socializing!


Something that's been known among introverts was confirmed by a research study published in the British__ Journal Of Psychology: Being in social gatherings all the time is for less intellectual people.

The article we found on EliteDaily says people who prefer to be alone rather than going out are more intellectual.


The research was done on 15,000 people aged 18 to 28 of different genders, races, financial statusm and sexual orientations.

And it’s observed that people who are social are way more happy, contrary to people who are intelligent.

Highly intelligent people are less satisfied when they spend time with their friends.

The reason is that intelligent people have more long-term goals in life and socializing usually distracts them from those important plans.

The evolutionary explanation is that socializing was more beneficial when people were hunter-gatherers.

Human beings, who evolve faster than all the other creatures, adapted to a life that requires less interaction fast and easily.

If you hate socializing but still believe that it has a good effect on your general well-being, you can use this research to your advantage.

First of all; make smart choices.

When you feel isolated, do social activities that have a long-term benefit, rather than going to a bar or club. You can make contributions to your long term goals by signing up for different classes or workshops.

So you won’t feel like your efforts to fill your social gaps are not lost in little details like ‘emotional connections.’

Science just proved that you’re a gem and you don’t deserve to go to a party that will make you feel less intelligent.

Finally, you have an answer for those friends who constantly complain about you not having a social life.

“I’m smart and I have more important things to do.”

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