You Don't Have To Visit Your Dentist Often To Keep Your Teeth Healthy!


We all want a white, healthy, and beautiful smile, but then not all of us are willing to lay the groundwork for that. If you also care about your dental hygiene but don't have time to pay frequent visits to your dentist, we have amazing news for you that will definitely make your day!

Plaque is one of the most common threats to our dental health.

There are millions of bacteria in our mouth, but the ones that cause plaque are a bit different than the rest. Plaque, which is basically a biofilm, is difficult to get rid of after it sticks to the tooth.

And that's exactly how it starts and causes decaying on the surface that it is stuck.

Brushing, flossing, mouthwash... Preventing plaque isn't quite possible in the long run.

And this is why periodical dentist visits become mandatory.

Well, going to the dentist only once your toothache takes over your brain and neurons is no longer a possibility.

Thank God we have science and technology to make our lives easier. This new nanotechnology research may end up deeming the periodical dentist visits unnecessary!

The research carried out at the University of Pennsylvania aims to eradicate plaque using nanoparticles. These particles will get down to business with hydrogen peroxide and fully clean our teeth.

This method, which was tested on plaque in a petri dish and then on mice teeth, has so far yielded positive results.

It both reduces plaque and the density of a decay. We should also remind you that hydrogen peroxide is already used in mouthwashes.

You might be wondering what the hell we are still waiting for....

Well, it is actually quite simple. Nanoparticles are quite small and difficult to control. Once they are released in the mouth, there is no knowing that they won't move on to the other parts of our bodies and carry out unwanted activities there.

But once it is cleared, this method will prevail soon enough because it is neither expensive nor difficult to administer.

Scientists will keep working on it until it is completely safe.

So it is best to stick with brushing, flossing, and mouthwash until then.

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