You Can Steal Your Boyfriend's Clothes When You Wanna Get Comfy, Science Says!


When you are in need of some comfort, your romantic partner's clothes are the perfect thing to wear, research shows!


Wearing your boyfriend’s clothes is good for you, research shows!

"Why do girls love wearing their boyfriends clothes?" is the real question and now there's some science behind it! Researchers at the University of British Columbia conducted a study that involved 96 women and the result shows that wearing something with your partner’s scent on it reduces stress, loneliness and anxiety. These women were randomly assigned to smell one of the three scents - their romantic partner's, a stranger's or a neutral scent.

The partner’s were asked to wear a t-shirt for 24 hours and then it was frozen to retain the smell.

When the participant's stress and cortisol levels are measured, it is seen that the group who were given their partner's scent had lower stress levels while the other group who smelt the t-shirts worn by a stranger were more stressed!

If your partner complains about you wearing their hoody, science got your back!

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