Woman Shares Her Overprotective Grandad's Insane List Of 'Boyfriend Rules'!


A woman has revealed her overprotective grandad's "boyfriend rules".

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21-year-old Amie McHugh shared a screenshot of a message from her grandfather.

It is about some insane rules for any of her potential love interests.

She tweeted the list sent to her in capital letters by her grandad William and the message has become a viral hit!

"Rule 1 he must be RC [Roman Catholic]. 
Rule 2 he must be Celtic supporter.
Rule 3 he must be working. 
Rule 4 I must like him.
Rule 5 he must like me. 
Rule 6 he must be financially well off.
Rule 7 he must never look at another girl while in this relationship.
Rule 8 he must be very kind.
Rule 9 he must have a car.
Rule 10 whenever in my company he must offer to pay bill." it said.

Amie explained her grandfather has always been there for her and his list of stipulations were more of a joke. So there is nothing to take serious.

"I was brought up with my granda always being there for me, and he only lives a two-minute walk away so I see him nearly every day," she said. 

"I just look for someone to have fun with who's a good laugh, the small details don't matter much to me," she added.

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