Why Do People Gossip And Talk Behind Each Others' Backs?


The oldest cliche: humans are social animals. This social side of us is surely helpful in science, society, technology, and everything else that humans have achieved, we achieved because we work together!

But why do we enjoy talking about the things that are really not our business or even don't interest us?

What makes gossiping so attractive? Let's see together!

Let's go back a bit: gossiping started as early as humans mastered language.


Research shows that we strengthen our bonds with those who we gossip with. Thanks to gossip, we can easily isolate the "others," who don't belong in our group.


When humans were still hunters, people who put themselves in danger and who didn't contribute but just ate had to be differentiated.


Those who thought this situation was unfair easily isolated the lazy ones by gossiping!


That's how the successful people built their own communities and started being loyal to each other.

Shortly, the feeling of "trust" was born!

And as gossipers were naturally selected and survived, this trait was coded in our genes and passed on. More and more people started improving their social skills by gossiping.


This is basically what gossips tell us: judge others' behavior, question the events and differentiate between good and bad.


When someone witnesses an unethical act we do, they start feeling better about themselves by gossiping about it. Hence, circulating a gossip and punishing those who have done something wrong becomes easier.

Gossiping helps with your mental health.


The same study shows that gossiping is a factor combining your social and professional network. While gossips are circulating, you can understand your employer's wishes more clearly.

And you also make new friends!


People who gossip in the workplace are way more likely to have made a close friend at the end of a year compared to those who haven't gossiped.

That is, gossiping is an important factor to retain the social balance in the society.

However, because of evolutionary rivalry, we don't like hearing positive gossip about others. It makes us happier to know when others are going through a hard time.


And that's how we get to feel more successful!

And of course, none of this nullifies the destructive effects of gossiping.


When isolated from their social group people experience more and more psychological damages.

The best way to go is gossiping responsibly: enjoy it but don't overdo it and lose others' trust.


Don't forget: no matter how uncomfortable it might make us, gossiping is one of the oldest and biggest heritages we have received! 😉

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