Unfortunate Lives Of 17 Famous Writers That Will Gulp You Down!


''Happy people don't have stories,'' says Umberto Eco. These writers' lives prove it...Get ready for an emotional roller-coaster ride and keep in mind that you can do it, against all odds!

1. Fyodor Mihailoviç Dostoyevski


The master of literature was as epileptic. He was also homophobic and a gambling addict.

He spent his childhood in the Marya Hospital House in Moscow struggling between his alcoholic father and sick mother. He lost his mother, father, wife, and brother at a very young age. Then his 3-month-old daughter....

2. J. D. Salinger


He didn't leave his home for forty years and never had even one photo taken.

3. Louis Althusser


A philosopher and a writer who killed his wife by strangulation in 1980. This event happened during a mental breakdown.

Althusser claimed that he doesn't remember anything about the event. Right after, he was hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic. It is still unclear if it was an accident or intentional.

4. Stefan Zweig


He committed a suicide, with his wife due to a depression caused by frustration and the situation of Europe in 1942, in Rio de Janeiro.

The reason for the suicide was not only Hitler's world but also his existential crisis.

5. Walter Benjamin


He escaped to Portbou on the Spanish border right after German invaded France and his house was attacked by the Gestapo. He killed himself with morphine once he found out that he would be returned to the Gestapo.

6. Ernest Hemingway


Hemingway was paranoid, an alcoholic, and a liar.

7. Jean Genet


He was a crime machine. He spent half of his life in prison.

8. Ludwig Wittgenstein


One of the most important philosophers of the 20th century, Wittgenstein had seven brothers. His oldest three brothers killed themselves.

His father was one of the richest businessmen of his time. Even though he had inherited billions of dollars, he lived a modest life, as he donated all his money.

However, he had something he didn't want in this modest life; he was gay and was having regretful one night stands with the men he didn't know.

9. Soren Kierkegaard


He left his beloved fiance, Regine Olsen because he loved her so much. He suffered all of his life because of this decision. However, he insisted that it was the right decision.

He loved Regine while he hated himself so much that he couldn't let her be exposed to him.

10. Franz Kafka

He was the oldest of six kids. His two brothers died when they were babies and his three sisters were killed by Nazis.

11. Maksim Gorki


His father passed away when Gorki was 11. His unpermissive grandfather sent him away. Then he started to work as an apprentice at dockyards in order to survive.

12. Charles Bukowski

He was beaten by his father with a belt all the time when he was a kid. He slept on the streets and fought with skin and liver diseases.

13. Virginia Woolf


Her mother died when she was 13. She couldn't go to school. She fought with bipolar attacks throughout her life. In 1941, she filled her pockets with stones and walked through Ouse river. She jumped into the water and drowned.

14. Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho was sent to a mental clinic three times by his parents. He stayed in the clinic for months. He received electroshock and drug treatments.

15. Sylvia Plath


Plath fought with bipolar disorder throughout her life. Her first suicide attempt was during her second year at Smith College. Afterward, she was hospitalized. In 1955 she graduated with honors. 

In 1963, she left a glass of milk and a cookie next to her kids' bed and closed their room in order to avoid a gas leak. Then committed suicide by putting her head into the gas oven.

16. Jack London

The first 'millionnaire' writer, Jack London suffered from bipolar disorder and attempted suicide. 

He caught a tropical disease during his sailboat trip on the Pacific. He injected himself with a homemade medicine of chemicals. The medicine killed his kidneys.

17. Lev Nikolayeviç Tolstoy

And another legend of literature... Tolstoy criticized himself for not having the courage to kill himself. Shortly before his death, he left his wife and ran away from his home. After 10 days he died in a security cabin of a train station.


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