Tolkien's Lost Work Finally Completes The Whole Story!


Most of us know J. R. R. Tolkien because of The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion. However, probably not most of us know that this great author was also a poet, philologist, and university professor. These three novels form a connected body of tales, but there was a gap in the big, collective story line.

With the new material discovered, later on, this gap is filled and here is how:

J.R.R did not limit the world he created with only one story.

Legendary Silmarillion; a great adventure Hobbit and the others...

And one of the many others was The Tale of Beren and Luthien, which was lost for a long time, but discovered recently; and is prepared to be published.

The Tale of Beren and Luthien takes place 6,500 years before that of Aragorn's and Arwen's.

Still, there are many similarities between these two stories.

The Lord of the Rings takes place in the third era, i.e., thousands of years after the first era.

Let's go back to the first era and take a look at the two lovers' story that was mentioned in Silmarillion, but was unfinished. 

As we are going to give a very general summary, we advise you to not continue if you want to read the story itself later.

Beren is a mortal human being, who is in love with Luthien. Luthien, on the other hand is an immortal elf prince and also in love with Beren.

Beren asks Luthien's father, the elf king named Thingol, for Luthien's hand in marriage.

As it is a huge deal to get married to an elf prince, Thingol asks for something in return.

Finding one of the three Simarils that Morgoth, father of evil, stole from elves and retrieve it!

Luthien decides to follow Beren, who takes up this mission with no hesitation whatsoever.

During their adventure together, they find the Silmaril but lose it again due to a wolf attack.

Although it isn't possible for Beren to bring the Silmaril back to Thingol, Thingol gives his blessing for the marriage because of Beren's bravery.

And Luthien gives up on his immortality for Beren. That's how they live happily ever after until the end of their lives.

We have to remind you that the story has soooooo much more to it, and anybody who is even a little bit familiar with the Middle Earth, will come across with familiar faces!

It is very exciting to see a story that was written almost a century ago be discovered recently. And it is a great privilege to be awaiting new works by Tolkien when we are about to celebrate 2017! 

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