This Woman Almost Lost Her Legs After Developing A Flesh-Eating Infection After Shaving Her Bikini Line!


After shaving her bikini line, this woman had the worst medical nightmare of her life. She nearly lost her legs and was in a coma for 9 days! Here’s how she developed that awful reaction and suffered from it very badly. 

Warning: This article contains images that might be distressing for some. 

Dana Sedgewick, 44, nearly lost her legs and was in a coma for nine days after she used a new razor on her bikini line and developed a shocking reaction.

After shaving, she noticed a small spot which kept bleeding, but she ignored it as she 'often got a rash from shaving'.

Two days later, she started feeling dizzy and nauseous.

She went to the doctors, who prescribed antibiotics and took swabs.

Later that day, her daughter discovered Dana in bed with a huge red rash covering her legs.

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Her GP later called to say that she had a serious bacterial infection and needed to come back into the surgery.

When she got to the doctors, she collapsed.

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Unfortunately, she had developed necrotising fasciitis, which is a flesh-eating infection.

She was left with horrific injuries as a result.

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"Little did I know that this tiny pimple would almost cost me my life."she said.

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"My legs were covered in black, rotting flesh".

Fortunately, she survived.

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"When I woke up, my legs were covered in bandages and I had no idea what had happened. I thought I’d been in a car accident," she said. "But when the surgeon asked me if I remembered shaving, I suddenly recalled trimming my bikini line."

"He told me that the spot on my groin had become infected, and I’d been very lucky to survive."

It's a very rare infection, but it's a good idea to see a doctor immediately if you suspect you might have it.


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