This Freakishly HUGE Chicken Leaves Viewers Scared Over Its Size!


You’ve probably never seen anything like this chicken. It’s so enormous that it’s frightening!  Ever since its video was released, people have been talking about it all over the Internet.


First of all, if you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is:

The answer to @LifesBook_Ceo's query is no, he is definitely not the only person wondering why that chicken is so damn big, or why it has feathers on its toes.

And yes, it looks a lot like Foghorn Leghorn!

You would assume that such a grotesquely large creature would emerge from a lab or factory farm, but this seems like a happy backyard chicken, far from the reach of industrial agriculture.

The mystery is kind of solved, actually. This is a Brahma chicken, a breed which, unlike the broiler, is naturally massive and can weigh up to 18 pounds.

Here are some of the reactions to this big fella...

And some people didn't want to believe it.

According to Country Rebel, his name is "Big Boss,"

...which is hopefully true because that's badass.

The Brahma was once the leading breed of chicken meat in England and the UK, and it was said that one could feed an entire family. However, there are still other theories floating around.

But would you really want to eat the one in the video? It just might eat you first!

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