This Businessman Decorated His Jaguar With 4,600 Toy Cars!


If you see a car like this parked in front of your building, you’ll probably think you’re hallucinating. But Malaysian businessman Datuk Seri Mahadi Badrul Zaman did actually cover his Jaguar entirely with miniature cars, and it’s real!

The owner of this insnely unique caqr is Datuk Seri Mahadi Badrul Zaman.

He is a fan of miniature and model cars, especially Hot Wheels cars.

The 34 year-old CEO of Financial Genius Group started collecting these cars when he was just 13 years old.

As of now, he has about 5,000 of these cars in his collection!

So, he decided to display his collection in the most creative way possible...

... which was to cover his Jaguar S-Type completely in these little cars!

If you spot it on the highway, believe your eyes.

It may or may not hold up against Malaysia’s insane rainy weather…

... but it's quite a sight!

This is certainly a unique hobby and we can’t wait to see what Datuk Seri Mahadi has up his sleeves next!

Source: World of Buzz

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