These 27 Things Matched Their Surroundings Like A Chameleon!


We gathered super cool camouflages from BoredPanda for you... When you see all of them, you just LOL.


1. Is it wall of a building or a sky?

2. Ginger cat, missing since the weekend...

3. Can you see the cat in this picture?

4. When you first see this pic, you can think that it is an ILLUSION!

5. The chair and shirt!

6. He looked down to find his shoes...

7. Cat has the same colors with the carpet...

8. Owl's amazing camouflage!

9. "The first time my friend visited my apartment, she was mind-blown that my shower curtain looked "exactly" like one of her shirts. The following week she returned to demonstrate."

10. A Hatchling's camouflage

11. Some animals disguise by camouflaging in order to evade from predators...

12. His sweater is the same with the wall!

13. Transparent Socks!

14. Perfect wax job gives car predator level of Camouflage!

15. Clothes matched the background...

16. Hundreds of tiny tree frogs!

17. "Meet Luke, our kitten who knows how to expertly camouflage"

18. Dogs matched with the road perfectly!

19. He is blending in with nature!

20. "My friend's phone case blends in with this 1982 school library circulation desk"

21. Camouflaged into nature!

22. He is a towel now!

23. His shirt matches the carpet!

24. He is the ART!

25. "My socks blend in perfectly with my girlfriend's carpet!"

26. "Me at my future husband's bachelor party..."

27. "I blend in so well!"

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