These 17 Rare Historical Photos Will Take You All The Way Back!


We collected 17 unique photos from the past... When you see them, you will feel the nostalgia.

17. Young Drew Barrymore

16. Albert Einstein at Princeton, New Jersey, USA in 1940

15. First beauty contest, 1988

14. Bruce Lee and his family

13. The imprint of a kamikaze Mitsubishi Zero along the side of the H.M.S Sussex, 1945

12. Police officer John Shuttleworth, waist-high in flood waters, Cambridge, Ontario, 1974

11. 100 years ago! Citizens turning out to celebrate the end of World War I...

10. Cavern carved by the sea in an ice wall near Commonwealth Bay, 1911–1914

9. Michael Jackson drives bumper cars in 1994.

8. Bill and Hillary Clinton on their wedding day, 1975

7. Nurses in their bomb trenches between hospital wards, France, 1918

6. A poor man wants money from King George V

5. George Willig scaled the exterior of the World Trade Center’s South Tower in 1977. Completing the climb in 3.5 hours, he was arrested at the top after signing several autographs and was fined $1.10 by the city — a penny for each floor he passed.

4. Harold Hamilton with the skeleton of a sea lion, 1913

3. From movie Ben Hur, 1959

2. The Ovitz family, 1950

1. Young woman working in a textile factory, Russia, 1960

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