The World’s First Emoji Was Found In A 382-Year-Old Memo!


Emojis have become so popular and common that the next generation probably won’t use letters at all. It’s like a whole other language in full color. But have you ever wondered who was that very first person who just wasn’t happy enough with the good old alphabet?


1. Apparently, a 17th-century Slovak lawyer invented the first smiley face.

2. The first emoji was found in a memo written by him, and it's 382 years old!

3. The lawyer's name was Jan Ladislaides. He signed a smiley face to indicate he was “happy" with a set of legal documents.

4. He was probably the inventor of the hashtag too. In the document, there’s also a clown’s hand with a hashtag drawn on it.

5. The hand-drawn smiley has an uncanny resemblance to the smiley face we commonly use today on digital platforms.

6. Head of the Archive in Trencin Peter Brindza said: "We found a smiley face, which dates from the 17th century - from 1635 - by notary Jan Ladislaides next to his signature."

7. He states that “he had no objections or problems, and the smiley face indicates he was happy with the documents.”

8. Mr. Brindza says he was hugely surprised by his exceptional discovery and says: “In contemporary writings, of course, it is not a common thing.”

9. “I do not know if it's the oldest Slovak smiley or the world's oldest, but it is certainly one of the oldest in the Trencin region.” he says.

The previous oldest smiley was from a 1648 poem by English poet Robert Herrick. But this one is 13 years older than that.

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