The Walking Dead Season Finale: Heroes Fall; Sacrifices Are Made And War Is Declared!


We came into The Walking Dead’s season 7 finale on the brink of war. Rick was collecting an artillery and an army, while Negan was preparing counter-measures that included two former Alexandrians: Eugene and Sasha. So let’s talk about the season finale!

Some liked it, some hated it, but it made everyone bite their nails last night...

The 7th season of The Walking Dead just ended and, well, it's now time to talk about it.

The Walking Dead certainly seemed aptly named through the second half of this season, and it didn't really go anywhere in much of a hurry. So, that set the stage for an extended tension-filled finale that contained a little bit of everything, and at least avoided the cliffhanger stunts, as some fans expected.

It seemed like Rick and the rest of Alexandria were backed into a corner they couldn’t escape, but things didn't turn out the way as some expected...

Sacrifices are made, in a nutshell, and people were more than satisfied with *certain* sacrifices....

To save you the joy of it we won’t give away any spoilers.

But here's a thought: the finale felt like an effort to spin the show into a state of open warfare - with all the tactical aspects and everything. And it also addressed some of the concerns voiced about its dramatic drift.

There were also so many different aspects of it that triggered anticipation!

This is all we can say: We can probably expect the coming season to be one long martial exercise...

But the show has long ago moved beyond fear of zombies to the horrors people will inflict upon each other when not bound by laws.

So the true challenge for the show is: balancing the epic qualities without losing sight of the core characters. The season finale, in a nutshell, seems to achieve that. But let’s wait and see what’s going to happen next!

The final episode didn’t make everyone happy, of course.

Some critics say that the writers haven’t found their way around the paradox of having made their characters fully embrace violence while wanting them to feel really bad about it. So this paradox makes it impossible for them to present lasting tension or real emotional conflict. And that was also true for the season finale.

But some didn't quite agree. Like this person on the verge of a breakdown.

Rolling Stone liked it too, and yes, that WAS one hell of a finale!

Apparently, some won't even make it to the next season...

Now let's just keep calm and wait for October...

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