The Things You Knew About Charles Darwin And The Theory Of Evolution Are Wrong


Charles Darwin is a name often spoken about, sometimes praised, sometimes criticized. Do we really have enough knowledge about him and the theory of the origin of species? In any argument between creationists and evolutionists his name comes up and both sides start saying things to each other allegedly Darwin once said. But how much is that true? Let's see and find out more.

Charles Darwin, one of the most important scientists of the 19th century, is also a very misunderstood figure of history.

Darwin is the first to theorize the theory of evolution, and we have already heard things such as, '' he said that mankind was evolved from apes, and rejected the existence of God.'' To what extent are these arguments that we always use true?

First, let's talk about the evolution of people from apes.

The greatest misunderstanding of Darwin's theory is undoubtedly the idea that humans evolved from apes. Moreover, we have witnessed that people who understand this often have established the following sentence: "If people are evolved from apes, why are there still monkeys?"

When we examine the book Descent of Man, which Darwin wrote in 1871, we can see that he wrote the following:

"The similarities that I encountered took me one step further and I've come to a conclusion that all the living things that existed derived from a single prototype." There are countless common points of living things: chemistry compositions, germinal vesicles, cellular structures and growth and proliferation laws are very similar. "

Based on this statement, we can easily say that the theory that Darwin tried to explain in an understandable way, based on the similarity between man and apes, has been distorted over time. The fact that monkeys and humans are creatures with common ancestors is misinterpreted as the way in which humans evolved from apes. To put it more clearly, the relationship between apes and humans resembles a cousin relationship, not a parent-child relationship.

Another bit of misinformation is that Darwin was the first scientist to shape the theory of evolution.

In fact, genuine evolutionary biology was not a new branch in Darwin's time. The first theories of evolution are known to date back to the seventh century BC. When we come to our time, we see how the theory of evolution was put forward by Catholic scientist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck before Darwin. It is easy to see how such misinformation spreads: The first person who speaks of the theory of evolution is not Darwin, but he is the scientist who first suggests that all species may have come from a single common ancestor.

Robert Chambers was another scientist who started his work on the theory of evolution before Darwin.

Based on Lamarck's work, Chambers, who put forward his own interpretation of evolution, gather Darwin's appreciation for his new ideas. Chambers was even referred to in some parts of Darwin's first edition of the Origin of Species, published in 1859.

And finally, let's talk about the fact that Darwin was an atheist.

Darwin accused much at the time he lived in with being an atheist, rejected these accusations in his letters and in his autobiography. Darwin's response is briefly as follows:

"I cannot say that I am an atheist because I have not rejected the presence of a god, to use the word agnostic for my situation will be much better."

It is quite reasonable for Darwin to say this because, as a scientist, he knows that it is not right to have clear judgments unless there is clear evidence.

Moreover, the polarization we have between creation and evolution is a perception created in our time.

Another claim by those who criticize Darwin is that Darwin returned to Christianity on his deathbed, and this story is as wrong as the other ones before it. It is because of our polarization that a scientist who contributed to the theory of evolution should contradict a godly belief, but it doesn't mean that these two ideas contradict each other in Darwin's mind. Let's hope that these ideas don't become the reason for us to separate, and let's try to understand what we have refused to know for a while.

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