The Most Baller Footballer Of History: Ronaldinho!


Messi is talented - No arguing that. Cristiano Ronaldo is amazing as well. However, neither is quite like Ronaldinho. Children of his time wanted to grow up to be him. He will always be my first pick on FIFA. Let's see why that is.

Not that it is necessary, but here is a summary of his legendary life.

He started playing at Gremio of Brazil before moving on to (in order) PSG, Barcelona, Milan, Flamengo, Atletico MG, Querétaro FC, and Fluminense. The golden years of his career were at Barcelona. He won the Champions League Cup there, and then La Liga twice. Again in Barcelona, he became the Footballer of the Year (Ballon d'Or)- not once, but twice!  These are the facts of his life. However, a true fan knows that he is so much more than just these facts. So...

Ronaldinho scored the hard way, while making it look so simple.

He scored from every part of the field, from every position.

He passed between men walking...

Even when that man was Pirlo!

And moved the ball from the mid-field to the nets in seconds.

He scored from such strange spots with such amazing hits that we were amazed for hours.

No one else would imagine doing this. If they imagined it somehow, then they wouldn't be able to. But he can.

Ronaldinho and free kicks...

He scored in El Clasico and even the Madrid fans applaused.

Not just for his football, we also loved him for his smile.

In short, no matter what team we supported, we always admired him.

Ronaldo and Messi are both amazing in their own ways. But if we offered them the skill Ronaldinho had, they would accept it in a heartbeat.

After playing in his supernatural ways for five years straight... he started to lose his place on top.

First, he transferred to Milan, and then to a South American team. However, he always stayed super talented.

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