The Hilarious Photoshop Battle That This Badass Hawk Started!


It all started with a photo of a hawk. Do you think a creative artist could possibly skip such an opportunity. No, they couldn't. This photoshop battle includes 21 versions of the original, and we are pretty sure that you are gonna love it. 

Thank you, God, for the Internet again.


Let's start with the original:

1. "I am coming for you."

2. 😂😂

3. Because cool guys don't look at explosions...

4. See, I could never think of this, I guess that's the reason why I'm not an artist.

5. Stephen 'Hawk'ing


7. "I heard you like bad boys"


9. Trump Hawk

10. It was clear from the beginning that he was different than the rest...

11. And he decided to join the party after all!

12. Coming soon...

13. He is in charge, everywhere, all of the time.

14. Because he is the bad-ass hawk

15. 😁😁

16. This is how you lead the pack.

17. And also a football player!

18. Or f*ck that, let's turn him into a business man.

19. 🤔🤔

20. Too sexy for this fashion show!

21. 😅😅

Which one was your favorite? 😝
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