The Heartwarming Story Of A Woman Who Dedicated Herself To 400 Street Dogs In India!


A woman in India is looking after 400 dogs by herself. Pratima, who is from one of the countries where the problem of street animals is great, picks up food for the dogs if necessary. We have compiled Barcroft's story for you that really shows the world will be saved by good people!


Pratima lives in a tarp-covered shed with her 120 dogs and sells scraps to feed them.

She feeds and looks after over 400 dogs every morning.

However, the 65-year-old claims to be happier with her beloved hounds than with humans, once she left her husband after they had a troubled marriage.

She said: "I feel happy to live with them. When I was with my husband, I wasn’t happy. I used to work all day and run the house. My husband didn’t work.”

Pratima has three grown-up children who still live in her native village, but she refuses to go back there.  

She said: “My son calls me all the time and tells me that he will take me to the village with him. But I don’t listen to him, I want to do good for the dogs.”

She said: “These dogs are like my own children. I bring them home and take care of them. Some of them have been abandoned by owners or have been in road accidents. They are alive with me.”

Pratima spends her days feeding and nursing the dogs when they’re injured.

Everyday Pratima buys 26 lbs of rice and 11 lbs of meat for their lunch. She feeds them with 2.5 gallons of milk for their breakfast.

Vivek, a young man from a neighboring village, helps Pratima care for the strays. 

Vivek said: “In the morning we get up at 6 am and feed the dogs milk. At around 12 pm we give them food with milk and at around 11 pm we give them dinner. 

“I love dogs, that’s why I try to be with them most of the time and help them and care for them."

Pratima tries to take care of the other dogs in the town as well.

Pratima set up a small tea stall, where she would feed biscuits to the local stray dogs. Devastatingly, her stall was destroyed and she was unable to feed herself, let alone her precious dogs. 

She said: “For four days I ate nothing and didn’t give anything to them also.”

More concerned for her dogs welfare, than her own, Pratima would scavenge for scraps of meat in the garbage to feed them. The rag picker is now running her tea stall again and her pack of dogs are more important to her than ever.

Now, Pratima’s main concern is who is going to look after her dogs when she is no longer able to.

She said: “People back off when they see a dog, I want a good human to take care of them after my death."

She added: “If I am not with the dogs at night, they won’t sleep without me. They won’t eat anything without me. Taking care of dogs is my religion.”

Oh precious Pratima! If just half of the people did what you do, the world would become a much better place!

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