The Heart-Melting Friendship Of The Little Boy And This Cute Dog!


3-year old Buddy and his friend, a labradoodle named Reagen, eat breakfast together, play together, take naps together, etc. And their mom dresses them in matching clothes to turn this whole thing into a cuteness-overload! We came across with this heartwarming story of this dog and his little boy on Boredpanda.

And you can find many more adorable photos here.

Let's meet Reagan first! He is a labradoodle and he is full of love! He was adopted by the Swiridoff family when he was two months old.

His best friend, Buddy, is three years old. The family also adopted Buddy when he was 11 months old.

They became friends the day they met. Since then, they have been an inseparable duo.

Their mom, Sandi Swiridoff, thought that this story had to be told!

That's why they are planning on publishing a book on being a foster family and adoption.

Sandi Swiridoff says "I couldn't keep all the adorableness to myself!"

The Instagram account of this duo has thousands of followers with lots of cute photos!

They even go trick or treating together! How cute is that?

And their matching PJs!

And lots of kissies throughout the day!

Reagan was adopted as an 8-week-pup to help the Swiridoff’s daughter cope with grief. She had to let her foster kids go.

Buddy was adopted as an 11-month-old baby and has been surrounded with Reagan’s love ever since.

And Reagen is great with children and other dogs. He instantly likes everybody he meets!

They are working on a calendar and profits from the @Reagandoodle calendar are donated to help foster children.

“He has added so much joy to our lives, and to the lives of many other people,” says Sandi Swiridoff.

And it is easy to imagine how, considering the photos.

I wish every kid and dog could be as lucky as these two.

And find each other to enjoy such a beautiful friendship!

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