The Hair Freezing Contest Of The Takhini Hotsprings!


You have to love the internet exactly for these kinds of random and hilarious things! The Takhini Hotsprings in Canada has a warm outdoor pool, but when the weather is -30 degrees outside, things get funny! These photos are from the frozen hair contest held by the hot-springs. Which one is your favorite?

Welcome to The Takhini Hotsprings. This place hosts the most freezing contest ever!

The water temperature in Takhini Outdoor Hotsprings gets as high as 42 degrees.

And don't forget that the outside temperature is -30 degrees!

This great difference in the temperature freezes your hair, eyelashes and facial hair in a way that you have never seen or imagined before!

And freezing your hair is the whole idea of this contest.

Takhini picks the best frozen hair every February!

And the first-place prize -we aren't sure if it is worth it to freeze your hair, but...- $150!

The contestants, who claim that they will freeze in the most majestic way, first dip their heads under water and then expose their hair to the very cold air.

And what comes next: a hairstyle you couldn't achieve with kilos of hair gel! 😁

That's fast!

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