The Funky Flower That Turns Transparent In The Rain


These beautiful flowers turn transparent upon contact with water, giving the blossoms a crystal-like look, which is the reason why this flower is also known as the "skeleton flower."

This plant needs moist environments and generally grows in colder parts of China and Japan. 

As soon as they are dry, they turn into their original white version.

The flower you see here is called Diphylleia.

Also as know as the skeleton flower...

This flower has a beautiful and unique characteristic.

These guys turn transparent when they get wet.



This flower is also known as the crystal flower and the glass flower. Under rain, it becomes totally see-through.

Doesn't it look awesome?

This flowers grows in China, Japan and a small part of the USA.

This flower needs humidity. You can also grow it at home, as it isn't an expensive flower, and its height varies between 40cm and 1m.

What makes this flower change color is the color pigments.

Once the petals are soaked in water, their white pigments fade away, which leaves this flower looking exactly like in the picture above. And yes, it does turn back to its original color once it is dry.

You can't stop looking at it, even if you aren't much of a "flower person."

Nature is the source of the most elegant versions of art.

We will save you from traveling to the native land of this flower. You are welcome.

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