The Coolest Couple Of 2016: Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik


One of them is the most popular model of the world, and the other one is a former member of the biggest boy band of the last couple of years and a popular singer... Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik look quite cute together and they are undoubtedly the coolest couple! Let's learn more about 'ZiGi'.

Gigi Hadid is 21 years old and she is enjoying the golden era of her career.

She is one of the most important 'It Girls' of our day. She is everywhere, working with every brand, appearing in every fashion show and magazine cover. In short, it is definitely her time!

Zayn Malik is 23. He is new in his solo career, but experienced in music.

Although he upset his fans by leaving the last big boy band of the world, One Direction, he has proven that he made the right move with his solo career. Zayn Malik is a pretty popular singer now.

We actually got to know Gigi Hadid as the girlfriend of Cody Simpson.

While Cody Simpson was a quite well known figure, Gigi Hadid was new in modelling. After starring in the video of her boyfriend, 'Surfboard', she became more and more popular and famous!

And Zayn Malik was in a long-term relationship with Little Mix's Perrie Edwards. They were even engaged!

However, this couple never got to tie the knot. There were often news and rumors about Zayn cheating on Perrie during the course of the relationship, which was over two years long. They made up every time, but broke up shortly after getting engaged.

After breaking up with Cody Simpson, Gigi Hadid was involved with one of the most notorious play boys of Hollywood: Joe Jonas.

But this relationship lasted for 5 months only.

And towards the end of last year, Gigi's and Zayn's roads crossed!

They make a very cute couple!

At the beginning, they had some rough times, though. For example Zayn wouldn't hold Gigi's hand, looking like he was denying the relationship.

And Kendall Jenner, who wasn't happy with this situation, introduced Gigi as his girlfriend in order to protect her best friend, Gigi.

But shortly after, this problem was overcome and the couple announced their relationship through social media.

And since that day, they have always been seen together.

And Gigi's appearance in Zayn's solo debut song "Pillowtalk" made things even more official!

And that's how they started to be mentioned as 'ZiGi'.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that these guys are the most prominent couple of 2016.

They both have eastern heritage (Gigi, Palestine; Zayn, Pakistan) and they have both achieved success and fame at a young age. They seem to be totally in sync!

Although they had a short break-up, they overcame that and made up.

And their relationship reflected positively on both of their careers. The media and important brands are after them!

And the couple's style is also closely followed by fashion lovers!

It looks like they get along very well!

And we wish the young couple lots of happiness!

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