The Biggest Impotence Of Guys: ‘Owning a Girl’ In 17 Entries


It's sometimes a cause for murders, but it can also help to ease the court sentences.  But in truth, it indicates a lack of self confidence, and that you're impotent and lame. No human being is a commodity to be ‘owned.’

1. Some dorks believe that claiming a girl makes you look big, but it surely does not!

2. They make women look desperate, in need of constant care, and helpless. They are not!

3. You foolishly think you have a say in their lives because you treat them like an object you own. You don’t have a say!

4. Claiming a woman is his does not make the man look strong, but instead makes the woman look weak, which she is NOT!

5. Claiming her leads to a whole argument about modesty, which is completely wrong.

6. You don’t want to give away something you own. This is why lots of divorces and break-ups end up with domestic violence, sometimes even death!

7. Claiming ownership is a sign of a lack of self-confidence. It's something lots of guys choose because they can’t keep their partners happy with their personality.

8. ‘Owning’ a woman is the perfect imprisonment in disguise; a cruelty under this name.

9. If you own something, you can’t love it anymore, so love and ownership reside on different poles.

10. This whole thing is nothing but a stupid ego boost. All marketed under ‘loving more, caring more, meaning his life, for her own good, etc.’

11. It should be destroyed the moment you become aware of the guy doing it. This is not something someone should go through ‘in the name of love.’

12. It’s a vicious cycle. You lose your loved one the more you try to ‘own’ them, but you try and ‘own’ her more the more you see her fading away.

13. Guys sometimes make the weirdest connection between sexuality and ‘having’ a woman. Seriously, a woman does not become yours when you have sex with her!

14. It never stays still or at an ‘acceptable rate.’ It always gets worse and worse.

15. The ones that say ‘Women are more keen on getting attached, and have the urge to feel like they belong’ are just finding excuses for their stupidity.

16. This feeling starts developing from the early childhood years, so make sure you raise your kids well.

17. Not much else to say, as Saramago sums this up perfectly: ‘Liking is probably the best form of ownership, and ownership the worst form of liking.’
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