Surprisingly Weird Writing Habits of 15 Legendary Authors!


We have heard some of them, even got lost reading their masterpieces. But what kind of habits did they form to write better? How did they create those magical sentences? 

If you are curious as well, keep reading!

1. Victor Hugo

He used to lock all his clothes into a closet except for his scarf. The reason was to stay both focused and preventing the temptation of going outside. You obviously can't go out with only a scarf on.

2. James Joyce

He wrote on giant paper with crayons because of his eye problems. He deserves double respect for creating those well-known lines with such method.

3. Truman Capote

He could be the one who had the weirdest writing habits. He would never write on Fridays or in hotel rooms which included the number 13 or near an ashtray which had more than 3 cigarette butts in it.

4. Jack Kerouac

This might not count as a habit but he wrote his famous novel On The Road on a giant piece of parchment paper.

5. Fredrich Schiller

One of his desk’s drawers was full of rotten apples because their smell gave him inspiration.

6. Vladimir Nabokov

He used to write each paragraph on cards and put them in a shoebox. That way he could change their orders whenever he wanted.

7. Agatha Christie

The master of detective stories, Agatha Christie, always wrote when she was eating an apple in the bathtub.

8. Wallace Stevens

He used to write his enthusiastic poems on slips of paper while walking. That enthusiasm in his poems was clearly inspired by the energy of his steps.

9. Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

The French novelist would pluck a flea from her dog’s hair. We don't know why but it's possibly a way of getting inspiration.

10. Edgar Allan Poe

Poe wrote on separate pieces of paper and attached them using sealing wax. Not sure how happy his editor was about it.

11. John Steinbeck

He always had 12 sharpened pencils on his desk.This is what we call discipline!

12. Stephen King

He used to form 2000 adverbless sentences daily to exercise. We knew he doesn't like to use adverbials but this is just crazy.

13. Woody Allen

He used to take the subway in NYC on a busy night, observe people around him and come up with 50 jokes. This explains his amazing talent of observing society and people.

14. Virginia Woolf

She always wrote while standing. She could even be the inventor of the first standing desk.

15. T. S. Eliot

He used to cover his face with green powder while writing.

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