Spanish-Language Thriller ‘Centauro’ Arrives on Netflix in June – Release Date and Other Details


Spanish-language thriller about a superbike racer who becomes a drug courier.

‘Centauro’ is a fictional work based on real events. Rafa (Lex Monner) is a motorcycle racer who is obsessed with speed. His natural talent and dedication on the streets make him a formidable opponent.

Release Date

‘Centauro’ is all set to release on Netflix on June 15.


‘Centauro’ full trailer is available on YouTube. You can watch the trailer down here as well.


Rafa struggles to become a professional motorcycle racer, addicted to intense emotions and speed, until he learns that his son's mother has a debt to drug traffickers. Rafa decides to use his talent as a runner to help the criminal organization keep his family safe. Rafa, a circuit racer by day and a reckless kamikaze by night, is soon compelled to make life-altering decisions.


‘Centauro’ includes Àlex Monner, Begoña Vargas, Carlos Bardem, Édgar Vittorino, Patricia Vico, David Cruz Barje, Adrián Garín, and Sebastián Ciontescu.

‘Centauro’ is helmed by Daniel Calparsoro and written by Yann Gozlan, Guillaume Le Mans, and Jérémie Guez.

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