Science Explains: Climate Change Is Even Real Than Before!


We should celebrate our disaster as humankind! We managed to raise the carbon emission number into a dangerous state. This will have inevitable effects on the earth's climate.

Here is the latest information on this unfortunate subject!

According to scientists, the carbon levels around the atmosphere surpassed 400 ppm last week.

Mauna Loa Observatory has kept track of the climate changes since 1958. The observatory announced that the level of the carbon emission around the atmosphere will not decrease under 400 ppm (parts per million) from now on.

But what does this mean?

The scientists warned about the dangers of surpassing this level for the atmosphere. In 2012, the Arctic area became the first to exceed this limit. 3 years later, the 400 ppm limit was surpassed on a regular basis. Also, in May of last year, Antarctica reached this level. Antarctica was the last place on the planet that was below this level.

How will this change affect our lives?

This situation can be easily explained with a metaphor. Imagine a glass full of water on the table. If the water inside the glass falls onto the table, you won't be able to put it back in the glass. Although all of the water is still there, it has a completely new order.

This metaphor applies the same way for the earth. Although the final consequences of this situation are unknown, the world is facing a change that is inevitable.

How do we know that the ppm level won't decrease?

The research indicates the lowest numbers every year in September. The numbers now indicates 401 ppm and even if they decrease in October, it is unlikely that there will be significant shift.

What will be the consequences?

The first and biggest danger is the rapid extinction of species. According to the research on the subject, the amount of extinction increased significantly after human existence. For this reason, it is believed that around 10,000 species are endangered each year. By 2050, it is estimated that the number of all species on the earth will decrease 25%.

Another problem is the shifting of the sea levels.

The rise of the sea level will not only effect other species, but also change our daily lives fairly. The meltdown of the glaciers will probably bring floods to the shores. These effects can be observed around the Pacific Ocean. 5 islands have been removed from the maps because of the floods.

Ralph Keeling, who is the head of the research group, states that 400 ppm should be considered a serious threat.

It is estimated that this level will increase 2 ppm's each year and reach 420 ppm in the near future. What is worse is that if the ppm level reaches around 500 ppm, the earth won't be able to stand the consequences.

We should point out that the last 11 months broke the record for the hottest months ever experienced on the earth.

For instance, last August was the hottest month in world history. The experts claim that this is only the beginning of these weather records.

The world is in real danger and humans are to blame...

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