School Or Traveling? Bold Parents Took Their Kids On A World Trip Instead Of School!


Education is the top priority for many families; so much so that the only thing parents talk about is how they want their kids to learn to read, and to do this and do that: all of those unending demands. However, the King family is taking the road of the trend called unschooling.

The story of this family, who has gone on a world trip  while taking on the role of educating their children themselves, was told in Daily Mail!


Because this couple thinks no school is good enough, they chose to take their kids to travel the world instead.

Paul and Caroline King, who met while they were travelling, have been to 15 countries in 19 months with their children: 6-year-old Winston and 4-year-old Henry!

They made this life-changing decision while searching for a school for Winston.

His parents visited almost 20 schools. Afterward they were convinced, their children would have more advantages compared to their peers.

They sold their £280,000 home with everything in it and then hit the road.

They are educating their children themselves and say that they have no plans to stop their trip. They will continue travelling while education of their children.

"We don’t raise our voices to the boys, so why should a teacher be allowed to?"

39-year-old Paul King on why they don't want their kids to go to school,

"We will never force our children to go to school and take exams."

They have learned about many countries and cultures.

They started their trip in Romania and then moved on to Dubai.

Some of the countries this family has been to include, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives and Colombia.

As well as the USA, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Laos, Thailand, Borneo and Czech Republic...

Paul, who owns a business called Hammock Heaven in Cambridgeshire, runs his business remotely in order to be able to maintain their new lifestyle.

He added: "Sometimes, it feels like they aren’t taking anything in. They weren’t bowled over by the pyramids and when we saw a Roman amphitheatre they said it was boring."

"But later, they will talk about what they’ve seen so we know it made an impression. One morning, they woke up and asked to go back to Egypt."

"Why read about history and cultures in a book when you can experience them first-hand?"

The couple said that they don't want to force their children to learn the things they already know or don't want to learn.

Their project is based completely on visiting new countries and never yelling at their children.

Their next stops include Australia and Iceland!
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