Road To Grammys: Daft Punk Is Alive And ALL IN!


59th annual Grammy Awards is just around the corner and prior to that, Daft Punk has really raised the bar in terms of teasing and creating an ambigious marketing campaign. The whole music world is locked onto their upcoming mini-gig with The Weeknd at the Grammys and of course, Alive 2017!

One collab to start it all!

It all started with the smash hit "Starboy" getting nominated for Grammys and being offered to perform with Daft Punk at the awards. As soon as the news got out, Daft Punk made a brand new announcement that excited all fans even more!

A Daft Punk pop-up shop at the heart of Hollywood!

More like an art museum, this popup shop has all the historical items like the very first helmet, their equipment and many other merch. Sad part is, they only allow 5 people at once at the moment. Many important musicians have already visited the venue.

The pop-up shop opened its doors yesterday with a kick a*s concert!

Even Skrillex performed during the ceremony. But of course, robots were not there. However, some Reddit users claim they saw both Guyman and Thomas Bangalter around the neighborhood!

Alive 2017?

The outfit Daft Punk used on their Alive tour is undoubtedly the most valuable piece at the gallery...Even the video they prepared for the event ended with the glimpse of Alive helmets and logo. Could it be true?!

Then out of nowhere, came the SNAPCHAT FILTERS!

A total surprise. And if you used the filter with a friend, you'd get both Guy Manuel and Thomas Bangalter...Fun fact: The filter projects at Snapchat requires at least $150-250K!

Then the Internet lost it...

Were they giving a message?

The song they chose was "Doin' it Right"...

All in all, another marketing masterpiece from Daft Punk!

They sure know how to tease and create tension. Now we can't wait to see them perform at the Grammys!

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