Quadriplegic Student Walks At Graduation By Using Exoskeleton And It'll Tear You Up!


After a diving accident three years ago, quadriplegic student is able to walk across the stage to receive his diploma with the help of an exoskeleton!

28-year-old Aldo Amenta severed his spinal cord in a diving accident and became paralyzed.

After the accident he didn't know if he would graduate from college and walked at the ceremony.

With the help of an exoskeleton, he did both!

Amenta walked across the stage to receive his diploma. He said he'd been training with it for about 6 months to a year.

Amenta who normally uses a wheelchair told that it was an amazing experience.

"For me it was a milestone to accomplish. Being able to cross the stage walking is something that's really meaningful." he said.

Each step he took as Amenta shook hands with members of the school as he walked across!

"Even if you find yourself in a really dark place, there's always a little light that will shine your way through to succeed,” Amenta told CBS News. “So just follow that."

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