Pro-terrorist YPG/PKK Social Media Accounts Published Falsified Photos About Turkey's Operation Peace Spring!


We should watch out manipulation and disinformation!


On Wednesday Turkey The Ministry of Defense announced Operation Peace Spring in order to secure its borders in northern Syria by removing terrorist elements.

With the operation, supporters of YPG/PKK social media accounts posted fake photos from the Syrian conflict in order to mislead the public.

To illustrate, partisans of the terror group posted a photo of a mother and her children during Syria war, but this picture actually taken in 2014.

They claimed that it was taken during Operation Peace Spring.

They also posted another image of a child taken to a hospital after an airstrike in Idlib, Syria this July.

They tried to show this photo as a latest images from the Turhish army's attacks.

Pro-terrorists accounts also spread a photo of a children being with a bloody face as a result of Russian airstrike in August 2016, nearly two years ago.

They falsely claimed if was shot during Operation Peace Spring.

As a part of their manipulation campaign, they posted an image from May 2014, a man carrying his child's body in Aleppo.

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