18 People Who Just Can't Swing


Some stuff are definitely not for everyone.

1. Swinging as a method of suicide

2. "I'm fine. It's just my spine is broken"

3. Victory and defeat

4. Revenge of the swing

5. Friction

6. You even don't have to bet on this one

7. Her little brother?

8. You reap what you sow

9. Mythbusted

and wasted...

10. Never wear a wig before you swing

11. She had enough of this life

12. That girl is not going to places

13. Physics dude... Physics.

14. He went for the gold medal

15. It was cool until the landing

16. I call this move: The Impaler

17. I call this guy: The Impaler

18. Nope. She is definitely not the real Supergirl

He even doesn't need a swing

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