New Mind Blowing Claim About The Bermuda Triangle


The Bermuda Triangle is one of the much-debated topics for years and known as one of the greatest mysteries in the world. Aside from all of the theories about the triangle, scientists have come up with a new mind-blowing claim.

The new findings about this most investigated area since the disappearance of an air fleet in 1945 are really interesting.

Investigations made by underwater radars claim that there is a crystal pyramid 6562 feet (2000 meters) under the sea level of this area called the Bermuda Devil’s Triangle.

Researchers believe that more detailed examinations on the pyramid will reveal more about the mystery.

However, some websites say that there is no actual evidence to prove the existence of the pyramid. Reporters think that it might be one of those uncorroborated theories made about the triangle. Some of the previous claims said that there was a water swirl in the area, methane bubbles were coming out of the ocean or that the triangle was establishing a connection to another dimension.

According to the general opinion, The Bermuda Triangle is located between Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

Contrary to what is believed, it is not an unexplained geography because according to data over the years show that the South China Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and the North Sea were recorded as the top seas that most shipwrecks happened at and the Bermuda Triangle is not even on the list.

And the reason for these statistics is not that the ships do not use this area.

Because this area plays a major role in trade between Europe, America, and the Carribean Islands. Also, passenger ships and private yachts frequently visit the area since it attracts the attention of tourists.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) currently refuses to make a statement about this new topic.

The association believes that more research should be made about this claim and refuses to talk about it unless there is actual scientific proof.

The association thinks that the Gulf Stream also needs to be taken into account when getting into more detailed researches.

Because it is a fact that the stream might cause sudden air changes. Also, islands covered with shallow water in the Carribean sea might affect ships navigations negatively.

We will see if the mysterious pyramid causes these incidents in the area or not in the upcoming days.

In short, some scientists think that even if the existence of the pyramid was proven, the mysteries still can’t be explained. We will keep you posted about the topic in the upcoming days.

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