Metro: The Old Race Horse That Saved Its Life By Learning How To Paint


Painting is an art form in which people are interested in order to help get rid of many health problems and to relax. The former racing horse, Metro was also saved from being put to sleep by learning to paint. It's so amazing what art can do, not just for people but also for animals. Let's take a more detailed look at this interesting story!

Metro was once one of the famous race horses.

He won 8 races and helped his owner earn about $300,000.

The 14-year-old metro had to leave racing because of a discomfort in his knee.

This disturbance was so serious that Metro was thought to need to be put to sleep.

The new owner of Metro, Ron, who was a painter, was not willing to do this and gave Metro a brush.

Ron wanted to buy a horse for his wife to ride and found Metro. But he was not aware of the importance of Metro's discomfort. After working with Metro for a long time, the veterinarian offered to put Metro to sleep. But Ron taught him to hold a brush instead. The two began to paint together and their lives changed completely.

"Metro's drawings are not what people can do, because Metro doesn't think of what it's doing."

That's what Ron says about Metro's paintings. The place where Metro holds the brush is the blind spot of horses. So he can't see what he's doing, but he likes the feeling of hitting a canvas with a brush. 

Metro's painting technique is likened to the artist, Jackson Pollock, who is known for his technique of splashing and dripping.

The sales are doing pretty good.

Income was originally only used for the treatment of Metro, but now it is being donated to a charity which allows old race horses to be retrained. In total, Ron and Metro, who donated $25,000, has helped in re-training about 50-60 horses.

In addition, financial support is provided for a treatment that is in the trial stage with the income from the paintings.

A few months ago during the controls, it was observed that the bone growth of Metro had declined.

After the controls, Ron said, "He can live longer now."

When Ron brings Metro's canvas to the field, Metro stops eating and immediately turns to the canvas.

Metro continues to paint with great pleasure. Ron and Metro are very happy with this, and Ron thinks Metro will never be bored with painting. :)

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