Meet The Happiest Pit Bull Alive With The Most Genuine Smile


Most of us think Pit Bulls are scary because we know them as aggressive animals.

But this adorable Pit Bull we found on BoredPanda is here to break down all the prejudices!


If you think Pit Bulls are scary, you might change your whole opinion about the breed after seeing this photo!

His name is Brinks and he has most beautiful smile ever.

His new owner, Jon, found him alone on the street and took him home.

He tried to find Brink’s owners for a month, but they were nowhere to be found. So Jon decided to adopt him!

It’s been 12 years and Brinks still smiles!

“The most amazing thing is how Brinks grins like a human frequently in response to situations he enjoys.” Jon says.

“He smiles for treats, he smiles when you greet him in the morning and when he’s sleeping.”

“He grins when he rides in the car, when he lies in the sun (or in front of the fire) and whenever he generally seems happy”


Always keep that smile Brinks! 😍

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