Meet Frederik: The Most Charismatic Horse In The World


Frederik amazes everybody with his long mane, his grandeur appearance and awesome looks.

Here is the story of the most handsome horse in the world:

Frederik aka ''Frederik The Great''...

Frederik the Great was raised in Arkansas, USA on a stud farm in the Ozark mountains.

Frederik belongs to a breed from Holland: Friesian

He was chosen specifically by his owners to be raised.

He was named after the Prussia King Frederik, who lived between 1740-1786

He is known as Frederik the Great (Friedrich der Große)  because of his military success and his efforts in developing his country.

He looks great with his long, shiny mane and his muscular body.

Social media users think he is the best looking horse in the world. 😎

He even has a Facebook page dedicated to him.

There are 16 thousand followers of that page.

And some people go overkill. 😃

His resemblance to Italian model Fabio Lanzoni 😃

Frederik is not only very handsome, but also very photogenic.

Being this handsome doesn't come without challenges. He gets lots of visitors.

Despite his popularity, his worth is 7,500 Australian Dollars.

Compared to the racing horses, this is very little, but let us remind you that he isn't a race horse.

But of course, this doesn't change the fact that he is the most good looking, majestic and grandeur horse in the world. ☺️

1. And we can't stop looking at him and being amazed by him 😍🐴

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