Kourtney Kardashian Was Mom-Shamed After Posting A Picture On Instagram!


Kourtney Kardashian has been mom-shamed online after posting a picture with her youngest son.

On Saturday, Kourtney posted a picture of herself with her youngest son while she was sitting on a lounge chair.

But her followers were unhappy with the picture.

One commenters criticized his long hair saying he looked like a girl.

Another added Reign looked like a girl for the long hairstyle and need of a cut.

But his hair was not the only issue, followers also had a problem with Kourtney!

People said the reality star appeared to be neglecting her child by shopping for Christmas gifts instead of grabbing him a towel.

This criticism came about because Reign appeared to be shivering in his wet hair while Kourtney was having Christmas shopping.

One said: "The girl is feeling cold and you are browsing instead of giving her a towel to cover herself. Child abuse." 

Another make fun of with the picture saying that 'better shop for a towel'

However, Kourtney has not responded to any of the mom-shaming comments.

Probably because "it's none of your business" :)

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