Research Reveals That All Dogs Actually Have The Same Dream!


And everybody's getting emotional over it! We think dogs are chasing their favorite toys in their dreams. Meanwhile, they actually dream of your face... This heart-warming explanation came from a professor at Harvard. The owners who read it couldn't hold their tears! We compiled the story from Buzzfeed, only for you.

A couple weeks ago, an article was published on People Magazine about the sleeping and dreaming habits of dogs.

Dr. Deirdre Barrett also did a Q&A with the readers and explained how dogs dream...

Dog owners who read the explanation burst into tears... The Q&A image from the magazine got over 60,000 shares on Twitter.

People started to share the pictures of their dogs sleeping...

They all wondered if their pup was dreaming of their face...

It was too emotional to think about what that little heart may be dreaming about...

People realized how much their dogs were attached to them...

Your dog has a stronger desire than running on the grass and playing around all the time...

That is to be as close as possible to you!

They love you so much! They will never leave you or hurt you. They don't even want to go anywhere without you. You should love your dog this much too!

Don't buy, adopt! :)

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