It's Black-Friyaaay! Here Are The List Of Things You Should Have With You On Shopping Day!


On the Black Friday, you'll need a pair of things with you to do your best!

The day after American Thanksgiving, Black Friday is one of the biggest and wildest shopping day in the US.

The annual event isn't observed everywhere but the struggle is real.

People kick and fight with each other to buy everything they want and sometimes stores turn into "mini riots."

So we made a list for you!

So we made a list for you! Here are the most important things you should have with you on Black Friday!

A ski goggles...

To protect your eyes from any foreign objects!

A pair of boxing gloves...

To get what you want!

A baseball bat...

To protect your full hd smart TV from other people!

A pair of running shoes...

To run faster than the other and reach the cashier first!

A pair of long tongs...

To steal something from other shopping carts!

A gas mask...

In case of any police intervention!

A steel vest...

To protect your body from any strike!

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