In the Realism of Wine-making Comes 'Revenge Best Served Chilled'

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When it comes to captivating thrillers, Lifetime never sleeps on the job. The streaming platform is at it again with its most recent dramatic thriller movie titled Revenge Best Served Chilled. The film features inebriating plans at a vineyard in the realism of wine-making.


From Lifetime, an aspiring wine-maker, Emily joins an overly competitive training project with the hopes of rescuing her family’s sinking restaurant. During the training, unusual events begin to unfold, and she faces issues from her fellow trainees from every corner. 

When many people from the project turn up lifeless, she is not only framed for their deaths but also in lethal danger. Emily denies accepting the false accusations and fights back to rescue herself.

Cast Members

Michael Sear and Jeremy Inman write Revenge Best Served Chilled with Dylan Vox as the director. The stars for the show include Lynn Kim DO of Secrets on Sorority Row, portraying Emily, and Monique Parent of Moving Numbers depicting Gillian.

Other characters include Kenny Keen, Michael Swan, and Micavrie Amaia of Mommy Would Never Hurt You. Lisa R. Ring depicts the bar patron, Jeremy Inman plays the young Victor, Navji Dixon portrays Lucia, and Bob Conley represents Earl.

Debut Date

The thriller launches on Saturday, May 14th, via the Lifetime channel. Your weekend is now sorted with this super-hit film. Be sure to get any updates from us regarding the film.

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