If It Fits I Sits! 20 Photos of Dogs Sitting Weirdly Proves That They Are Belong To Another Planet

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Dogs are just...Dogs! Besides the fact that they are ridiculously cute they are also coming from another planet.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/sydrobinson1/do...

1. Somebody is very exited for nuggets.

2. Somethings never change.

3. When you trying to be strong.

4. Me in the morning.

5. Is it a chicken or a dog? Dogken or Chickdog?

6. Romantic evening with bae.

7. When you don't wanna go to school.

8. Circle of doggo!

9. This dog was raised by the frogs.

10. When you can sleep in anywhere.

11. That looks comfy.

12. Somebody has been going to the appointments with the dentist.

13. This doggo looks like it's trying to camouflage itself with the couch.

14. Reverse dog.

15. If it fits...Oh no it doesn't.

16. Somebody broke this dog! Call 911!!

17. If I can't see them, they can see me.

18. Is this pupper trying to flirt?

19. Guilty sitting.

20. Creation of dog!

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