Husky Born Without Paws Finds A Loving Home!


The story of Maya, the husky who was born without paws, started in the animal shelter. According to the article on Boredpanda, Maya found her life-long friend, Kit, after an ad was posted on Facebook. She was having a pretty hard time because of her condition, but thanks to Kit, she is now the happiest dog in the world!

Yes, she does look like a regular husky. 😊

She is one of the most special animals in the world!

Maya, who is enjoying her third birthday now, was unfortunately born without paws. 😔

And this made walking almost impossible for her. 😪

She also had problems with her hips.

She couldn't stand up for more than a couple of minutes. Life wasn't easy for her at all. 😥

However, she miraculously met Kit! 🤗

“At that time I was looking for a puppy when I found a Facebook post from a shelter that there is a puppy up for adoption. It was mentioned that she had congenital abnormalities, no paws on all four legs"

And thinking that this super cute little puppy should be given a chance, she took initiative.😍

Kit tells that at first, it was difficult, but she wouldn’t change this experience for anything.

She calls Maya “frisky and strong” 🐶

Maya also likes playing with balls and spending time with her best friend Mamon.

Maya is now pretty happy!

No wonder why! 😍
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