Hobby Lobby Fired Employees and Slashing Salaries: CEO Says 'God is in Control'


Hobby Lobby is said to have started closing stores and slashing workers' wages significantly, following its CEO's claims that "God is in control" during the coronavirus pandemic, and social media are previewing the situation. . 

The news was first reported by The Frontier, who spoke to employees of the company after they were informed of the situation.

In a letter to the dismissed employees, the vice president of the company's art and creativity division, Darsee Lett, wrote:

"It was with an extremely broken heart that I was forced to take these unimaginable steps, and I really hope you know that My prayers are with you and your family. "Lett added:" It was a great honor to have you on my team. I sincerely and deeply appreciate your service in this Department and of the Society, and with you the best, because this calamity will end in the very near future. " The layoffs and store closings come after Hobby Lobby CEO David Green issued a note to employees, saying that even if he doesn't know what the future holds for the company, everyone will have to "Tighten" the belt. He also said that "God controls" the situation.

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