Here’s The Sexiest Way To Dance According To Scientists


Science is again at the service of humanity: If you’re one of those who doesn't really rock on the dance floor, it has a few tips for you. Here’s what you should do if you dance like a rusty robot!


Psychologists analyzed the moves of 39 women while they danced to a drumbeat.

And then they translated the information into 15 seconds long avatar videos, which they showed to 57 men and 143 women. (Participants were all heterosexual.)

After showing the videos, participants were asked to rate each avatar based on their dancing ability.

The findings were then published in the journal Scientific Reports.

They identified 3 key characteristics of movement that indicated a good dancer.

Great hip swinging, asymmetric thigh movements, and slightly less asymmetrical arm movements.

The video below shows the movement of a positively-rated dancer.

So why is this type of wiggling and jiggling positively rated?

Dance is, of course, a subjective art form that can vary depending on culture, or even the individual; nevertheless, researchers suggest the best boogie identified in the study could be tuning-in to some universal characteristics that a would-be partner would be interested in.

Dr. Nick Neave says “we suspect that they all form honest cues to reproductive potential, health, and personality.”

For example, the swinging of the hips could appear to show the individual is “emphatically feminine.”

"The way that you move is very crucially linked to your health, your hormonal status, and your personality and also possibly things like intelligence and creativity,” Neave says.

“You are seeing someone move and you are able to interpret an awful lot about that person from the way that they move.”

A similar study was carried out by the same university with male subjects six years ago.

For the males, they said good dancers had a strong variety of repertoire moves that involved twisting and turning of the torso and neck.

The video below shows one of the lowest-rated dances.

Dansa özgün “şımarıklık” halinin ve kalçanın dahil olduğu figürlerin seyrekliği hemen dikkat çekiyor.

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