Happy B-Day Kenny! Her Whole Family Is Sharing Birthday Wishes For Kendall Jenner!


Time flies and Kendall Jenner is celebrating her 23rd birthday. Of course, the whole family is sharing giggling and happy-crying memories!

Khloé Kardashian's celebrating is filled with all the best memories over the past year!

We're not crying, you crying!

She shares a bunch of giggling memories in her Instagram story.

Khloe seems like she loves her little sister so much!

In addition to posting on story, Khloe also shares pictures of them in her Instagram!

"Happy birthday my sweet Kenny!" she wrote.

"I love you for who you are and couldn't imagine a life without YOU. If anyone knows you like I do, they know how much of an amazing, kind, quirky, loving person you are and how much any one would dream to have you in their life.Some people aren't as lucky as us - not everyone gets to have a sister and not everyone gets to have a love and bond that all us siblings have with one another. Blessed we are! We all celebrate you today and everyday! Let your confidence continue to shine and never be anyone but yourself. You are perfect in every single way. I love you my sweet angel sister!"

Mom Kris Jenner also is ready with the most heartwarming Instagram tribute to her daughter.

Kris Jenner celebrates her birthday with a message to called her "my beautiful angel girl,"

She wrote: "Happy Birthday to my beautiful Angel girl @kendalljenner!!!! You are the kindest, sweetest, most loving, giving, special girl in the world and you have the biggest heart. I am beyond blessed to be your mommy and I thank God every day for the privilege of spending my life with you. I am so proud of you and I cherish every single moment and memory we share and I love you more than you will ever know. "

Lil sister Kylie also celebrated her birthday with sharing childhood photo of them on Instagram.

She wrote: "happy birthday to my partner in crime, my best friend, my sister! @kendalljenner i couldn’t have done it all without you ♥️"

Kim Kardashian shared a very cute throwback photo of Kendall as a little girl.

She wrote: "Happy Birthday @kendalljenner I’ve never met a sweeter or prettier human being and someone who has so much fun in life! I hope you get everything you’ve ever dreamed of for your birthday because you deserve it! I’m so happy you are my sister. I love you"

Kourtney Kardashian preferred a current photo with her little sister to celebrate her birthday!

She said: "To my sister who gets me when none of the others do 😊 with that sweetness that you have had since the day you were born and really held on to. Wishing you an enchanting Birthday my sister. I couldn’t live without you ✨"

One of her best friend Bella Hadid threw her a party complete with plenty of snacks!

Also she made her an adorable homemade cake.

After homemade party, Jenner and her group went to the Sing Sing Karaoke Bar in New York, and it is told that they stayed there until close to dawn singing and dancing.

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